As a volunteerism advocate and life coach Dare to be a Dandelion works with:

  • Social entrepreneurs, charities, and non-profits who have a great vision and idea but are feeling stuck, fearful, or unsure about their next steps.  I help them move forward and MAKE IT HAPPEN with confidence and excitement so they wake up every morning knowing and ready to do exactly what needs to be done so they can successfully rock at their business.


  • People who want to volunteer abroad but are anxious about it, sitting on the fence, confused or overwhelmed by the myriad of options, or whose life has “gotten in the way”.  I help them figure out a plan, get over any barriers, then MAKE IT HAPPEN. I work with them pre, during and post trip so they have a TRULY life changing adventure.


  • People who slog through work every day at a job they feel is pointless or which they feel little or no connection to when they really want to be doing something worthwhile but don’t know how to transition or fear making the leap.  I help them figure out what cause they would passionately love to work for and work with them to MAKE IT HAPPEN so they feel super pumped about getting up in the morning and love feeling like they are making a difference.